Portable Robot with 1.1" OLED Display

Resolution:196x96; Viewing Angle:All

Contrast Ratio: 10000:1; with CTP

Data Sheet

Portable Robot with 3.97" IPS Display

Resolution:480x800; Viewing Angle:All

Interface: MIPI; with CTP

Data Sheet

Portable Robot with 7" Display

Resolution:1024x600; Viewing Angle:ALL

Interface: LVDS; with CTP

Data Sheet
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The core competence of Reachlight in a nutshell

  • Talented Person

    * Professional team (From TIANMA\BYD\DPT\INX)

  • Resource

    * BOE/CPT/HSD/TM/INX Key Account;
    * BLU assembly in house;
    * TP assembly in house.

  • Product Differentation

    * Strategy of Product Differentiation;
    * different size, different resolution;
    * wide temp. range, high luminance; full viewing angle, transflective mode
    * special thickness product;
    * provide total solution for display with touch and convertor board/driving board

  • Fast Response

    * Fast response from inquiry to delivery;
    * Fast response to the customer request.

  • Capacity

    * Automatic COG bonding lines;
    * Automatic BLU assembly machine
    * Automatic Pol attach machine
    * Whole production processes from the TFT panel cutting to the finished TFT module assembly.


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